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Nicholas Roerich – A Quest & A Legacy


Nicholas Roerich – A Quest & A Legacy
Niyogi Books
History, Art, Philosophy

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Nicholas Roerich: A Quest and A Legacy, is an elegantly designed book with a foreword by Dr Karan Singh, and an introduction by Kak.” … ” Apart from its essentially academic tone and admiring content, the book provides a few insights into Roerich’s life and thoughts, which impacted his art. The most eye-catching part of the book is made up of a number of colour plates of Roerich’s work. … The legacy of the man who made India his home … (sic) in the last days of his life till he died in 1947 and whose life and works significantly influenced modern art and culture is captured in a new anthology of writings … edited by Manju Kak, an art critic and writer.” … ”Through his body of work, Roerich advocated a return to the ancient roots of human wisdom, which asserted the importance of spiritual life and of peaceful co-existence based on cosmic mentality.”

Tale of Two Artists, Deccan Herald, 14 March 2013

“The collection of 21 scholarly articles on the master painter effectively presenting Roerich’s life and multifaceted personality from various perspectives was launched … (sic) …” “This is perhaps the first Indian tribute to the Russian painter who understood the Indian soul.” … “The massive corpus of Roerich’s work presents a unique dimension of spiritual striving and realisation, which will remain a source of inspiration for many years to come.”

The Statesman, 14 March 2013

“Russian painter and philosopher over 60 years ago, trekked through the Himalayas journeying through monasteries in India and meeting with Buddhist monks, an experience which resulted in ‘magnificent’ paintings of the great mountains.”

Anannya Chatterjee, From Russia With Love,
Millennium Post, 16 March, 2013

“Known today for his haunting portraits of the Himalayas, Roerich was also explorer, writer, spiritualist, archeologist and ethnographer. It is daunting for any one author to capture his story.” … ”Kak does a fine job in weaving disassociated strands of thought to produce a kaleidoscopic portrait of the artist.”

The Painter of Snow, The Indian Express, 30 March 2013
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“The book describes his quest for Russia’s roots, art, involvement with theatre, expeditions, understanding of Shambhala, and works as a peace activist and theosophist. … The commentary on Roerich’s legacy is supplemented by rare archival photos and reproductions of paintings” … “The volume provides a thorough and credible appreciation of all aspects of Roerich’s quest and legacy. In the context of the increased worldwide interest in this multifaceted man and the complex nature of contemporary reality the book is certainly an informative and credible source of reference.”

Russia & India Report, 4 April, 2013

“Through a number of scholarly essays by Indian and Western writers accompanied by an exhaustive range of paintings, the book offers different perspectives on his life, making it a read for those who intend to take a deeper look into his life rather than those who seek to merely familiarise themselves with Roerich’s art and life. The writers included in the book are those who have deeply studied Roerich in an academic sense… (sic) says Manju Kak, author, art and cultural historian who has edited the book.”

A Luminous Mind, The Hindu, 5 April 2013

“This is a book to be approached and studied many times, particularly, as one writer observes, when we learn to cultivate an internal attitude of attention to the subtle and invisible aspects and meanings of everything that happens on the physical level, in a commitment towards the building of a new world in obedience to the Higher Laws.”

Alan Senior, World of Roerich, Theosophical Society in Scotland
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