Month: December 2014

Modi ji, Ab ki bari — Janta ki Baat

Dear Mr Modi, Your continual rapid-fire announcements and pronouncements have led me to believe you are rooting for progress and honesty in governance. So I concede these 5 years to you. Besides even your opponents have conceded you… Read More

Nehru, Modi, and the Idea of India

With a red rose buttoned into his (Nehru) jacket lapel and churidar pajamas, Nehru spelt an aesthetic and sartorial elegance that was rooted, one Modi emulates only adding swathes of more colour even as he speaks like `Chacha Nehru’ through his Man ki Baat. And yet Nehru’s was a cultivated global mind that had shaken off parochialism. Can Modi shake off his to absorb the myriad colours of India? If Modi does his Nehru jacket might actually spout a red rose. Then only will Modi 2.0 be a hard act to follow