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Mahatma Gandhi, Modi & Sava Sau Crore

To remember the Mahatma is always a good thing, especially  for Cleanliness, those of us who have grown up on Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, miss him, in our daily lives; but revival of his legacy should transcend parochial political concerns and go beyond tokenism. To use the Mahatma to garner votes would have him turning in his grave. And when great souls ‘turn” the rumble turns into a roar of dissent as he himself proved when he valiantly unleashed people’s power against Colonial Raj. So let’s beware–the Intention is as important as the Act–says the Buddha.

The raging debate in the article by Minaz Merchant in the Economist & Pankaj Mishra’s article in Bloomberg gives an alternate view of the perception of PM Modi’s Madison Square performance. They take their cue further from Oliver’s ” You are a cliche.” and have drawn blood from the rabid. The Rajdeep Sardesai incident has provoked many to remember Goebbels–have I spelt him right–there is the spirit of Goebbels lurking in all of us because undiluted power is an aphrodisiac that even Gods cannot resist–the Mahatma had to keep reminding himself– which is why he undertook fasts, introspection and went into frequent retreats at Sabarmati Ashram.

Reflection on this is important fodder for the “sava sau krore” Hindustani listening. Chalo Mahatma ki yaad mein, hum bhi soochen.

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