Month: July 2014

Shiv Sena Worker

Do we need a 24/7 Media?

Today’s incident at Maharashtra Sadan, with the Shiv Sena MP thrusting a roti down a worker’s throat who happened to be fasting for Ramzan was played over and over again adding a communal commentary to the footage. It… Read More

Writing in the Time of Vanities

Writers are obsessed with eternity–or rather–what will last, what will outlive them. They think their life will have more meaning if it is remembered. So they write their thoughts down, each contour and crevice, and they hope that… Read More

Sardar Patel stands tall

Question is how many of us go to the Statue of Liberty to remember the French revolution and the handful of american soldiers who helped the establishment of ” Liberty Equality Fraternity” in the Old World, even as… Read More