Month: April 2014

BJP–do they have a different plan?

Is the BJP campaign all about hype or do they really have a different plan? I fear it may just be the former. 

Election 2014

Let’s be clear–this is not a fight between Congress and BJP—its a fight between Corporate and Socialist agendas, 2014 Election will be remembered for that. 

Varun Gandhi and Congress

My guess is Varun Gandhi will finally join the Congress, after he has sowed his adolescent oats in the BJP. For a Gandhi to take the dominance of Modi–might be a hard pill to swallow.

Tejpal case

Tarun Tejpal case–merits or demerits aside—he must have a fair trials–it has degenerated into a witch hunt to score political points, which has not served the cause of women.  Unless the case is shifted out of Goa this… Read More

Nirmal Verma & Krishna Sobti

Slowness becomes an adjective when describing Sobti’s ” The Music of Solitude” and Verma’s “The Red Tin Roof”. You can sense the stillness of conversations unarticulated, the undisturbed waters of contemplation.