Month: January 2014

Delhi’s Statehood–for real or a gimmick?

What the TV pundits are saying is that—“Desh Chalana or Andolan Chalana dono alagh baat hain”—But AAP Protesters are replying—Is that So?There is something reminiscent of the Salt Satyagraha as one Commentator put it on TV–the romanticism of… Read More

Can we have a more intelligent TV media before Lok Sabha Polls

What more distinct pleasure can there be than to listen to a good TV debate on a cold winter evening. But alas our TV anchors, barring a few like Akhtar Khan of News X–don’t make the grade for… Read More

Kejriwal Debt to Civil Society

Let us not forget, or rather let not AAP forget, that their victory is based on the seeds planted by these last 2-3 decades of Civil Society efforts, NGO’s, Activists, Political commentators, people who wielded pen, money, voice… Read More