Month: December 2013

Middle Class Voice is here to Stay

What is clear to all political pundits whether Kejriwal’s Party succeeds or not, that thanks to social media 2014 will see the advent of the Middle Class Voice in Indian Politics. Kejriwal has conviction and organising capacity. This… Read More

AAP–Give them a Chance

In all fairness, middle India wants to give the AAP Team a chance. the ground was fertile; sufficient numbers of the Indian population have exposure to western mores, rule and culture, to admire the material progress these cultures… Read More

Catching the Ranikhet Express

In Search of a Narrative   My girlhood had been spent in Naini Tal, in a world typical of a north Indian colonial hill station. This world consisted of elite Anglicized boarding schools, modern hotels, horse-riding, yachting, polo… Read More

Dolly & the Hospital

So Dolly took her maid to Kailash Hospital. It was a factory dedicated to the health of its customers—pay the money, be a good customer, come for a cold and cough, keep paying for consultancy, keep paying for… Read More

Nation Fracturing–and a Cynical Media