Month: November 2013

Dolly & Humayun’s Garden

Dolly took a walk in Humayun’s Tomb after a very long time. She thought she missed it, but she didn’t, when, walking down did not arouse the emotions that she thought it would, she realized the experience was… Read More

Life is Good

Life is Good till it goes wrong. And then it goes horribly wrong. With Tarun Tejpal it has gone horribly wrong. But a lot of people who hate what he did are still asking questions. And the questions… Read More

Diversity of views is called for

We must allow as diverse a view of the Tejpal Case in our media space as is possible. Divergent and wide views must be aired and sought, to open the debate to what is happening in Society, and… Read More

Media & Public Perception–reality and illusion

The most frightening this in this is how Public Perception is being moulded by an unscrupulous Social & TV Media as reported by CobraPost and which we all have known for some time. Politicians say they have to… Read More

Witch Hunt & Tehelka

Firstly1. Tarun Tejpal is the accused and not Tehelka. Teheka did not commit the alleged offense so why is the debate centering around Tehelka. Please distinguish between institution and people. 2. Politicians trying to hijack the case to… Read More