Month: August 2013

Asaram Bapu–a sick man or crazed by power?

Asaram Bapu’s case of sexual molestation brings something else to mind. The responsibility of parents! How many times in India have we heard of minor girls being molested by so called sadhus. Let me tell you a story… Read More

Seamus Heaney–the silencing of a poet laureate

Castalian Spring—courtesy Kenyon Review by Seamus Heaney Thunderface. Not Zeus’s ire, but hersRefusing entry, and mine mounting from it.This one thing I had vowed: to drink the watersOf the Castalian Spring, to arrogateThat much to myself and be… Read More

Hum Sab Ayodhya

Ayodhya—Righteous Rule It is the quest for a homeland that  brings me back to eastern UP— the mud huts,  haystacks, wheat and mustard fields, a landscape I grew up with.  By now  the wheat has been cut, fields… Read More

Food Security–Good Governance or the Politics of Votes

Democracy works on votes. Votes means the wish of the people. So Food Security–if it gets you votes–is democratic. Right?  So where is the dichotomy?   The real question is are we in for short term democracy or… Read More

Dolly & Media

Dolly thinks Media has begun to control our lives–begun to subtly shape, and sometimes not so subtly shape who we see, what we do, what we think. I don’t want to see this bunch of actors on every… Read More